About Us

Over 70 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is distinct from acute pain in that the pain persists for longer than several months. It is biologically different. Pain involves irritation and inflammation of a nerve cell and tissue including muscle, tendon, bone and cartilage. Chronic irritation of nerves causes changes in the nerve itself, spinal cord, brain stem, and brain. Pain cannot occur unless the brain is stimulated and the information is processed. These changes involve increases in hundreds of chemicals, their receptors and cellular activity. The body ls attempting to heal itself but unfortunately this can spin out of control.

New revolutionary treatments include platelet rich plasma therapy and amniotic fluid stem cell therapy.

Treatment also involves injecting medicine, typically steroids, and/or local anesthetics directly injected at the nerve or tissue that is inflamed. This interrupts the pain pathways, decreases the inflammatory response and hopefully alleviates the pain. A series of treatments may be needed for severe inflammation. Most treatments are performed with the use of fluoroscopy or ultrasound.

I strongly believe that a majority of painful conditions can be treated successfully without drug therapy, narcotics, or surgery. I also feel strongly that my unique and individualized approach in diagnosing and treating painful conditions is usually successful.

My ultimate goal is always zero pain. I believe that working together with you the patient; we can treat your painful condition, even when other treatments have failed.

My staff and I take pride in offering our patients compassionate and professional treatment at all times. Allow us to help you obtain a pain free and active life.